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Blumberg Associates is not your typical architecture firm. We possess a rare blend of hands-on experience combined with a fresh, progressive approach that shows in everything we create. Since our founding by Martin Blumberg in 1964, we've developed a distinct, aggressive, bold and contemporary style that truly sets us apart.

Our early work was heavily focused on retail facilities and office buildings, but the Atlantic City casino referendum in the 70's opened up many new doors. As the region began to grow, so did our projects, as you can see from our accomplishments. From the clean modern lines of the Atlantic City High School to the cutting-edge technology of the Ocean Life Center to the hip New York Avenue School, the Blumberg of today can boast of an eclectic portfolio of successful projects. Why do you need exceptional buildings? As Winston Churchill said, 'We shape our buildings and then they shape us.'

We design schools where teachers love to teach, and children love to learn.

We design offices where people love to work, where owners love the image their building projects.

We design houses of worship that inspire.

We design retail that sells.

We design exceptional buildings that meet project budgets.

Blumberg Associates . Gordon's Alley, Atlantic City, NJ 08401 . (609) 344 4434 . info@blumbergassociates.com