“Congratulations. It turned out Magnificently.”

— Dr. Michael Berenbaum, former Director of the United States Holocaust Research Institute.

“The new furniture in the HRC looks FABULOUS.”

— Gail Hirsch Rosenthal, Supervisor, Holocaust Resource Center

The project enhances Holocaust and genocide studies and research.
Entry to the Center is under a canopy of actual Railroad Tracks, imported from Poland, used during the War to take Holocaust victims to the Concentration Camps at Auschwitz.

A new entrance is from the existing two-story Library exedra and incorporates display cases for artifacts of the Holocaust Center. Circling the exedra are the names of prominent philosophers and heroes of the past.

The design creates an entrance Foyer leading to the existing Center and the new Classroom. Classroom design incorporates comfortable color coordinated seating, and table design that enhances alternative seating arrangements.

Project finishes of the Entrance Foyer use distressed, weathered wood and a special rust paint to symbolize the deterioration of that era. Non-rectangular trim and the angular glass display windows of the entrance add to the expression of discomfort.

Life stories of local Holocaust Survivors are displayed on a LD Screen in the Foyer.

Stockton Holocaust Resource Center

To symbolize hope for the future, a Rainbow is projected on the rusted walls of the Foyer.