Armed with a relatively small $4.5 million budget, 1/10 the size usually allotted for the creation of a typical aquarium, Blumberg was commissioned to create a nautical-themed tourist attraction at Gardner’s Basin.

During the research and Programming Phase of Design, Blumberg Associates established a technical advisory relationship with the New Jersey Aquarium at Camden, that is ongoing today. The result was the Ocean Life Center, a technologically advanced aquarium that utilizes computer wizardry to educate visitors on a vast array of aquatic life.

Ocean Life Center exterior

The 14,500 square foot structure contains 29,800 gallons of live exhibits, a 16-station computer learning center and an indoor/outdoor third-floor observation deck and weather station. The building also houses a classroom/meeting space with state of the art digital projection communications technology.

Interestingly, despite the relative proximity of the much larger Camden aquarium, the Ocean Life Center attracts large numbers of students from Camden, who are lured by its ambiance and programming. “Edutainment” at its best, the Ocean Life Center Design by Blumberg Associates provides exceptional “Bang for the Buck.”