This renovation and expansion of the old City Hall is a true architectural triumph. This two-story building, replete with parapets and rooftop balustrade, dates back to 1903, a design inspired by Philadelphia’s historic Independence Hall.

MCH Historical Elevation
MCH Historical Elevation

The goal was to renovate and expand the building while keeping its Colonial-style character intact. To match the brick that had weathered to a variety of different shades, new bricks had to be handmade. Limestone was hauled in from Indiana for use in quoins and decorative keystones.

Margate City Hall interior before renovation
Interior before renovation

Though it was one of the most difficult projects we ever took on, the projects was an inarguable success, and created, as one city leader observed, “a silk purse from a sow’s ear.” The cost came in at 25% below the cost of a completely new construction.