The Blumberg Associates Virtual Design Process allowed a seamless move from design concepts to construction documents. Computer generated renderings, animations virtual walk throughs, and 3 dimensional floor plans allowed the Board of Education and Taxpayers to better understand the project.

The New York avenue school was originally designed as an 18 million dollar educational facility. Due to budgetary constraints the construction budget was cut by 5 million after the project was designed. The use of our Virtual Design system allowed us to quickly redesign and gain approvals. The project was recently bid within the new budget.

New York Avenue School front view
New York Avenue School front view

A prime example of Blumberg’s technological prowess, the creation of The New York Avenue School relied heavily on computer animation. This 3-story, 750-student structure contains 35 classrooms divided into three areas for Primary, Elementary and Middle School grades.

New York Avenue School perspective view

An eight-foot wide glass enclosed stairway at the main entrance allows older students to bypass younger students to get to their floors. The exterior design echoes the housing diversity in the neighborhood with a variety of roof forms and facade patterns. Other features include an expandable Gymnasium and Cafeteria, a Teaching Alcove, and cutting edge interactive video, voice and data systems.